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Aspen Grove Behavioral Hospital Admissions

During the admissions process at our facility, we prioritize providing a seamless and personalized experience for our patients. A highly trained master’s level counselor or registered nurse will conduct a thorough evaluation at no cost to determine the most appropriate level of care. If hospitalization is deemed necessary, our dedicated multidisciplinary team collaborates closely with the individual and their family to develop a customized treatment plan with the goal of facilitating a prompt return home.

Our compassionate and expert team comprises psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physicians, registered nurses, counselors, social workers, recreational therapists, mental health specialists and other professionals. Together, we provide comprehensive care and support throughout the mental health treatment journey. We actively engage with our patients and their families, fostering a collaborative approach that encourages the best possible outcomes and creates a sustainable plan for long-term success.

We understand that navigating the financial aspect of treatment can be overwhelming. Our Financial Counseling Department is here to assist you. They will verify your insurance coverage and take the time to meet with you personally, reviewing your benefits and addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

At Aspen Grove Behavioral Hospital, we are committed to providing exceptional care from the moment you begin your journey with us. Our admissions process is designed to ensure your well-being, facilitate recovery and support your long-term success.

Get the Help You Need Now

Our staff of professionally-trained assessors will be able to assist you over the phone, and provide you with information on getting the help you need. We offer no-cost assessments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t hesitate, call 801-852-2273 today.