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Adolescent Outpatient Treatment

Adolescent Outpatient Treatment

Aspen Grove Behavioral Hospital offers outpatient treatment programs for adolescents. Our outpatient services serve as a valuable step-down option from inpatient hospitalization or as a proactive approach to manage symptoms before the need for inpatient care arises.

The primary goals of our outpatient program are to empower adolescents to function independently and responsibly within their families, schools and communities. We strive to assist both the adolescent and their family in developing a tailored aftercare plan to maintain the newly acquired behavioral management and coping skills. Through educational interventions and conflict resolution strategies, we aim to enhance group dynamics and individual functioning, alleviating family conflicts and fostering healthier relationships.

Our dedicated team of professionals focuses on building a sense of trust, creating a supportive environment where adolescents can develop self-respect and self-control. We are committed to guiding them on their journey towards improved well-being and a brighter future.

Join us at Aspen Grove Behavioral Hospital’s outpatient program, where we work hand in hand with adolescents and their families to foster growth, resilience and lasting positive change.

Get the Help You Need Now

Our staff of professionally-trained assessors will be able to assist you over the phone, and provide you with information on getting the help you need. We offer no-cost assessments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t hesitate, call 801-852-2273 today.